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Pour ceux qu avoir un jeep est un mode de vie !

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Géminis Sol Alvarez
   Great shirt, fits well. Label is CHINA(XL) US(L). shirt stays in place and was way affordable!
Eliany Carolina Camacho Loiz
   I ordered one size up and was very happy. The color I ordered was advertised as "green" but is really a hi-viz yellow (to my eyes at least). Nice and long in back and the elastic keeps it around my waist/butt. I also like the elastic on the cuffs; those of us who must get larger sizes to fit the midsection are well familiar with products therefore being too long in the arms. The elastic on the cuffs makes this a non-issue. Very comfortable, love the look!
Nick Msy
   After throwing out an average 3 pairs of Kenneth Cole Reaction shoes every year, I pickedup a pair of Eccos.
if your in Sales and Walk alot, please try these shoes out.
Montana Kelli Hotard
   Loved this book!!!

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